About us

About Iceland Intro

Iceland intro was founded in 2005 when its owners Þorgerður (Gerða) Jónsdóttir and Bogi Agnarsson made massive career changes to chase a passion for the tourism industry. Prior to Iceland Intro the couple worked in a diverse range of careers including time at the Reykjavik energy company, the Icelandic coast guard, pilioting for air atlanta. Iceland Intro began when Gerða made the decision to get a degree from the guiding school at the University of Iceland. When Iceland Intro began they only had one SUV but they quickly eveolved and grew to use a Mercades sprinter building a highly regarded tourism company.

In 2016 the company merged with another day tour opporator known as BusTravel Iceland where the Iceland Intro line has become the backbone of their minibus tours and premium tour offerings.

About Bustravel Iceland

Bustravel Iceland is one of the oldest tourism companies in Iceland and carries that rich heritage on its shoulders in everything it does. Originally founded in 1960 under the name of Þingvallaleið (Thingvellir Route), the company was reimagined in 2015 to take on the form it does today. This reimagining brought with it an all new startup mentality to the tourism industry though while  we have the attitude of a startup we maintain our deep roots and experience in the tourism industry. We bring a fresh outlook on sharing the unique qualities of Iceland with our customers.

On our tours, we share our knowledge about Iceland’s awe inspiring geology, epic history and fascinating folklore. Telling stories is in the blood of everyone who call themself an Icelander, and we are no different!

Our diverse team consists of talented passionate people from a wide range of cultures, all equipped with unique skill-sets. But perhaps most importantly is that our people share the passion for travel and Iceland that we do.

The BusTravel family during a company picnic

Awards & Certifications

If our mission is to create a unique experience in Icelandic nature for all of our passengers then is stands to reason that customer satisfaction is our main goal.

We are proud of the awards and certifications we have received in bringing the best service to our customers.

Please let us know what you think! Our customers’ feedback is our greatest source of inspiration.

BusTravel Iceland has gold certifications from Vakinn, both for their quality system as well as their environmental system. Vakinn is the Icelandic tourism official quality and environmental system, and its aim is to strengthen both quality and safety
in tourism using guidance and support, as well as to develop
a sense of social responsibility. The system is based on Qualmark – The New Zealand tourism official mark of quality and is run by the Icelandic Tourist Board which leads the project in close cooperation with the Icelandic Travel Industry Association, Innovation Center Iceland and the Icelandic Tourism Association.


Sustainable Tourism

We are committed to the idea of sustainable tourism, which means that we encourage ourselves and our guests to experience Iceland while striving to make a positive impact on its environment, society and economy.

All of the buses in our fleet are fuel-efficient and meet
the highest emissions standards. To minimize our carbon footprint, we are part of the Kolviður Fund, whose mission is to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere by increasing the carbon sequestration
of forest ecosystems. We make every effort to design
our tours so that their impact on the delicate natural environment of Iceland is minimal

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