These are the pickup points we service in Reykjavik

While we endeavour to pick up from as many locations as possible, certain traffic restrictions mean we cannot pick up from every location.

Below is a list of locations we are able to pick up from, you will find this list when you book one of our tours.

If you are unable to find your accomodation then please select the "Tour bus stop" closest to your location or an alternative hotel.

In some instances the name of your accomodation will be follwoed with "Pick up at" in these instances we require you to travel to an alternative location for your pick up, we try our best to keep these travel times to a minimum.

For assistace in fiding the "Tour Bus Stop" locations please go to

Please note: We currently only offer pick up from locations within Reykjavik city center. BusTravel Iceland accepts no responsibility for additional costs that may be incurred during the process of reaching your pick up destination