Ice Caves

Ice cave tours


Ice caves are naturally occurring cavities within the structures of the glaciers that dot the Icelandic landscape. Typically these caves are seasonally dependent and are constantly melting and reforming every year as we move through the summer and winter seasons.

 Iceland is home to many different ice caves thanks to the number of glaciers that the country has, they are more than just a tourist attraction though as study of the composition of the ice caves can provide valuable insight into atmospheric and weather changes that have occurred through the years. While Iceland houses a number of natural Ice caves it is also famous for two of its man made ice caves, both of which were the worlds first caves of their kind.

Firstly there is the "Into the Glacier" caves that are located in the Langjökull glacier. These man made Ice tunnels were carved into the glacier and are accessible all year around providing valuable educational experiences as well as stunning views. Getting to the "Into the Glacier" caves is no easy task and they employ the use of a specially modified, decommissioned missile truck in order to get you to the caves!

The second is the glacier and ice cave exhibit that can be found in the Perlan building. This exhibit features plenty of facts and information about the glaciers and Ice caves of Iceland but the highlight of the tour is the walk through the simulated ice cave they have inside the building. These options mean that no matter what time of year you come to Iceland or how much time you are here for there is an ice cave experience for you.

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