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Snowmobiles are specialized winter travel vehicles that both look and operate like motorized sleds. They are able to move at high speeds over Ice and snow while also giving enough grip and traction that the driver can be in control of the vehicle.

The creation of the modern snowmobile is not attributed to any one particular individual. Rather the devices were slowly built and improved upon over time as advances in engine technology and propulsion were developed giving it a development cycle similar to that of cars or planes. Today the snowmobile is widely used not only as a transportation tool in icy regions but also as a recreational tool for both sport and hobbyists alike.

In Iceland snowmobiling is a great, high adrenaline, thrill ride that can make a great addition to your Icelandic adventure. In order to make sure you have enough space to really open the taps and make the most of the snowmobiles power these tours will usually take place on the tops of the various glaciers across the island. This gives you massive open stretches to enjoy and turn into your own personal winter playground. A drivers license is required in order to drive the snowmobile but as most tours are based on two riders per vehicle this means that everyone can enjoy them.

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