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Below you will see the premium tours that make up our "Iceland Intro" premium day tour line. These tours are run exclusively in small groups of no more than 17 people which allows for a much more flexible day. While you see the sights you will have a great chance to get to know your guide who will be able to share personal stories as well as interesting facts and information about the places you visit.

We also make aditional stops in our premium tours that you will not find in any of our other tours! You can read a bit more about our Premium tour stops below.


Friðheimar is a farm located in the west of Iceland in the area known as the Golden Circle. The farm has grown dramatically since its purchase in by its current owners in 1995 but the history of the farm goes back as far as 1946.

Today the farm combines aspects of Horticulture with the other passion of its owners, Horses. The farm has a horse breeding program and offers a variety of different horse shows for its guests. You will have a chance to see the horses and learn a little bit about what makes these particular animals so special. You will also be able to partake in a visit to the Friðheimar greenhouse where the staff will take you on a special tour that will feature a talk on the difficulties on growing vegetables in a country that is known for its long, dark winters. During this visit you will also have an opportunity to taste some of the tomatoes that grow at the greenhouse, which are a specialty of theirs.

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